Interested in participating in the events?
Contact Aiseikai at one of the following:
Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-26-18 
TEL:03-5942-7259 FAX:03-3387-0820 Email:kikaku@aisei.or.jp

Please indicate the following information when contacting us:

  1. Your name (the name of all participants who’d like to join)
  2. Your telephone number
  3. Your preferred email adress 
  4. Any other relevant information such as whether you require mobility support etc…

Main Organiser:NAKANO Art Brut on the Streets Committee

Committee Members:        Nakano Broadway Business Promotion Association

                         Nakano Sun Mall Shopping District Promotion Association

                 TV Asahi Social Welfare Businesses Development Operations

                 Social Welfare Organization, Aiseikai

Partners:                                 Nakano Minami-Guchi Shopping Area

                                                    Nogata Shopping Area Promotion Association

                                            Nakano Rengazaka Shopping Area

With help from :               Nakano Ward

                                                   Marui Nakano Branch

                                                   Momiji Yama Kyouei Senkokai

                                                   Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Bank Nakano Branch

                                                  Social Welfare Organization Korinkai – Runbini Musuem

                                                  Hajimari Art Center

                                                  Handcrafts Norobokke

                                                  Mokuba Koubou Studio

                                                  Social Welfare Organization Nakayoshi Fukushikai

                                                  Social Welfare Organization ATELIER YAMANAMI

                                                  NPO atelier CORNERS

                                                 Social Welfare Organization Sanshikai Otagawa Academy


Made possible with the kind support of:                         

                                                The Nakano Ward Commerce Association