“Where Memory Goes”

Everything we see, smell or touch can inspire emotions in us. Our senses are engaged every day as we navigate through life and existence. Our emotional responses to input and stimuli repeat and become imbedded in our minds, bodies and behaviors, constantly fluctuating between our conscious and subconscious realms.
Art Brut artists often express deeply significant and almost spiritual experiences through their interpretations of the every day.
Are these reverberations of memories from childhood? Are they representative of an unforgettable/significant event? Are they simple expressions of love and admiration?
These questions remain unanswered and keep us questioning and thinking, as we ponder these collections of shapes, letters and a certain kind of language.
This exhibition focuses its exploration on “memory” and collects the works of 15 Art Brut artists.

Venue 1
Feb 2 (Sun) – Feb 8 (Sat) 2020  / 10:00~17:00

Nogata Civic Activities Center 2nd floor – Gallery A and B

Venue 2
Feb 16 (Sun) – 24 (Mon) 2020 / 11:30~19:00

Nakano Broadway 4th Floor