Nakano and Art Brut

This event began 10 years ago with the idea of spreading the message of Art Brut while also transforming the streets of our city into an open air gallery.
This year, we have collected the works of artists who are now highly regarded in both overseas and domestic art circles, artists who are from Nakano, and new artists who have only recently been discovered.
A total of 25 Art Brut artists and their works are on display here in Nakano, a melting pot of culture and people that we love to call home.
We hope that the message of Art Brut reaches our audience loud and clear… “We believe in a society where disabilities, nationalities, gender, sexuality and other identities do not keep us apart, but rather, bring us together”.

What is Art Brut?

“Art Brut” is a term given to art that is created by persons with no formal artistic training or intent. The term was coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) around 1945. The French word “brut” means “unrefined” or “raw”.